Borderlands 2 – Level Up: Relationships

Here we go—back to Pandora; back to the Borderlands; back to people always, always trying to kill us. While not without its shortcomings, 2009’sBorderlands, with its vibrant, cell-shaded art style and loot-happy RPG elements, was nevertheless a welcome break from the usual trappings of the FPS genre. A menagerie of crazed baddies with a lootable arsenal of weapons, coupled with fun mechanics and a smooth learning curve, kept new players coming in months after its initial release, despite a relative lack of entertaining boss battles and an overall lacking storyline. Borderlands‘ inevitable sequel, then, had the tall order of repairing the first game’s shortcomings without touching hair one of what worked—and boy did it ever. By stepping up the story, trimming back the repetition, and improving upon the boss fights,Borderlands 2 grants players exactly what the advertisements promised: a ton more sci-fi rednecks, bazillions more guns, and loads more wub wub.

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