Cool as Ice

I will not take up any space in this article explaining who Rob Van Winkle is; the artist best known as his stage name, Vanilla Ice, should be known to everyone reading this; and for good reason, but Cool as Ice is in no way one of them. Back in the year of our lord 1991, a movie was released that was meant to be a vehicle to jumpstart Ice’s move from musical icon to acting heartthrob—that idea and this movie both failed. I am actually not sure why I watched this…

I read somewhere that this film takes its influence from The Wild One (1953) starring Marlon Brando, but other than both main characters being named Johnny and a motorcycle or two, I don’t see it. There is an odd opening with some people dancing and Naomi Campbell randomly singing in a club that looks like it doubles as a BDSM hotspot during the week. She looks good, but I am not sure what the point of the intro was. This whole beginning part is groan worthy and perfectly sums up what viewers are in for.Cool as Ice is listed as a musical romance film, but feels more like a bad ninety-one minute long music video or the director’s re-imagining of Pee-wee’s Playhouse.

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2 Responses to Cool as Ice

  1. garethrhodes says:

    My 1991 self is desperate to see this movie.


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