The LJN Defender a.k.a Matt Ezero Interview

Matt Ezero is a YouTuber who is known for his work under the name Cygnus Destroyer 20XX, the host of Innocent Until Proven Guilty, and most importantly as the LJN Defender. Between his three shows Ezero covers a wide array of games and systems, all while throwing in his own wacky taste in movies, music, and other pop culture, as well as a few oddball characters who pester him along the way. Matt took some time to talk to me about his career, and try to explain why his channel might be right for our fans.

BlankManInc: The big question: LJN has a lot of negativity associated with it—perhaps some of the worst in NES and SNES era—so what made you decide to defend it with such fervor?

Matt Ezero: I guess it’s because I’ve always liked a lot of the games that they released for those consoles when I was a kid. I owned Wolverine and loved it. That game is actually where the LJN Defender theme came from. It’s the title screen track, written by Geoff Follin, and I can never get enough of that song. Anyway, I also rented Terminator 2, Back To The Future Part 2 & 3 (which admittedly isn’t that good. I’ll have a tough time with that one), and SNES games like Maximum Carnage and WWF Royal Rumble. I never thought those games were crap, and after seeing all of the hate that the company was getting online, I decided to stick up for these games that I liked. Thus, the LJN Defender was born.

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