Matt Hawkins – President of Top Cow Productions Interview


Matt Hawkins - ProductionMatt Hawkins has been the president of Top Cow Productions since 1999, and continues to run the day-to-day operations of the company while writing two of their hottest new books, Aphrodite IX and Think Tank. Hawkins took some time out of his day to talk with us about his role in the company and as a creator.


BLANKMANinc: What is it like being the president of Top Cow? What takes up most of your day, and how do you still have time to be a creator of comics as well as manage the company?


Matt Hawkins - Top CowMatt Hawkins: It’s difficult but I manage somehow, heh.  My plan is to write every morning and do business in the afternoon and spend the evenings with my family. Never quite works out that way, but that’s the goal. For me it’s the Pareto Principal of 80-20.  I focus on what matters to the company the most and try to do that.  A lot of stuff sometimes gets pushed to the side…sometimes for months, but it’s an ongoing struggle.  Google tasks and calendar are my constant companions.  I spend most of my business time on finance, legal and marketing.  I’m shifting more and more to creative and I think in the coming years we’ll bring another person on to more directly handle the business side.

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