Mortal Kombat: The history, the Brutality and the Future

Mortal Kombat is an icon of the fighting game genre; a series that has risen to the top, fallen into obscurity, elated and disappointed its fans, and made history in the video game industry. The most recent triumphant return was in 2011, followed recently by MKX, but I have been an avid fan of the series since the epic release of the arcade game back in 1992. It was all so exciting: the blood, gore, the secrets, and victory! I loved the digitized graphics, and the stop-motion effects for Goro looked so good for the time. Playing it was great of course, but I decided that I wanted to know more about everything I was seeing. The story and characters intrigued me, as did the behind the scenes of how the games were made. I was looking through all the magazines, asking every friend at school who played, and eventually had the assistance of the internet to help in my search, to filter out all of the lies, half truths, and even the stuff the creators themselves decided to re-write. It is a lot to sift through, and with the new game coming out I was excited about reviewing everything and seeing where the franchise would take the next step of an incredible journey.

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