The Last of Us

I was a little late to pick up The Last of Us, but not because of any fault of the game or developers, more so that a lot of excellent games came out around the end of 2013, and as always, I am behind. I knew I had to play this title though, with its widespread acclaim from critics and casual fans alike. I had no doubt that it would be many peoples’ game of the year nod. It was not mine, but it sure as hell clenched the runner up spot with some authority. I could not have known however that The Last of Us would be the second highest selling video game in 2013—beaten out by Grand Theft Auto: V—or seen as one of the most influential games of this console generation. I did my best to avoid spoilers and hunkered down until I was able to participate in this amazing journey, so my advice to anyone reading this who plans on playing The Last of Us anytime soon, is to stop reading this article and go get it.

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Writing in the dirty South, this recovering internet addict wakes up every morning wrestling with nightmares of Silent Hill, Battletoads, and where to put that third comma.
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