Retro Replay: Mega Man X4

Mega Man X was one of my favorite games on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System. The developers had taken the original idea of a favored character and changed the look, setting, and parts of how the game played, all for the better—as far as most fans were concerned. After Mega Man X3, that was about to happen again, even if it was to a smaller degree, as the X series jumped from the previous generation of consoles to the new disc based era of gaming, finding a new home for the hero on PlayStation and Sega Saturn. Does Mega Man X4 use its new powers for good though, or allow Maverick corruption to doom the franchise?

That may have sounded a bit dramatic, but there is a good reason. Mega Man X4 was the first game in the series that I did not have to go searching for the plot or feel let down about how little story there was. Oh, and this game is really over dramatic, which makes it more fun in a way.

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