Retro Replay: Wolfchild

How could I not review a game with a name like Wolfchild? I’m thankful Kevin reminded me this was actually a thing, because it’s a Genesis title I kept meaning to play and unfortunately overlooking. I have a feeling this is the case for a lot of people though, because I hesitate to ever call anything a ‘hidden gem,’  but almost no one I spoke to remembered the thing, much less knew anything about it. The cover makes me think this thing was originally supposed to be a late 80s werewolf film, something that I would love to see. The cool horror-styled blood red logo has a small, but decent, story behind it, whose simple concept would make a better film than most of the ones I watch these days. It has that elegant mix of badass feel and cheese factor—I mean, the villain’s name is Karl Draxx for crying out loud. This is a game that wants to assert its manliness with a primal scream and whatever that outfit is the main character is trying to pull off. I expected a bitchin’ guitar solo at the end, and was a bit surprised or maybe even disappointed when that didn’t happen. My early expectations and impressions aside though, I knew I was in for a ride.

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Wolfchild Cover


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