10 Super Nintendo Games Every Retro Collection Needs

The Super Nintendo Entertainment System is my favorite console I have ever owned, and the one I still collect for the most. This foray into the 16-bit era was not only huge for Nintendo, but significant in the industry’s history as well.

The 1991 North American release could be seen as what properly kick started the greatest console war to date, between Nintendo and Sega, and would be remembered by many as the golden age of gaming. Games from the biggest developers at the time, as well as iconic entries from Nintendo themselves, helped to crown the SNES as the best-selling console of its generation.


Superior graphic effects and sounds caused the system to stand out above the competition and make it a mainstay for most collectors, but rising prices of the games and availability of rare titles will cause new collectors some pain starting out. A ton of great games are available for this system, and these are some moderately affordable must-haves that will be the cornerstone of any collection.

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10 SNES Games


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