Retro Replay – Resident Evil 5: Two is Better than One

I was riding high off of the Resident Evil 7 buzz, even if it was just a little taste. I wanted to play some of the series while I waited, anticipating its eventual release, so I started up Resident Evil 5, before realizing I could have waited and spent money on a remaster of it. I chose this fifth installment because I had revisited Resident Evil 4 recently, and this one is way better than the near-abomination we know as part six. I remember beating RE5 when the game came out and it having a few really good bits with some better controls than the previous entry, but there were certainly problems, the biggest one being my AI partner. I tried to like her, I swear, but she kept shooting me in the back of the neck during boss fights. So, I wanted to go back and see how it would hold up with the help of a human partner through the whole game.

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RE5 Back to Back


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