Retro Replay: X-Men Legends

X-Men Legends is an action-RPG title that I always described as a dungeon crawler, which is fitting considering how many people compare it to Diablo and Gauntlet with superheroes. The story sees Marvel’s titular mutants going on various missions around the globe to try and uncover the plots of a large anti-mutant group and the Brotherhood of Evil Mutants. The plot was written by writers who had actually worked in comics and it was decided that many of the sections would be told through the perspective of a new mutant, Magma. Allison Crestmere (a.k.a Amara Olivians) first appeared as a lava-slinging heroine in New Mutants #8, back in 1983, and the character was seen as a good fresh face for the game and new fans. This title allows the player to control up to fifteen classic characters from the comics. It is one of the few games that will let someone play as Professor X—even if only on the astral plane—and I didn’t know until researching recently that Angel was supposed to be a part of the cast, but was cut late in development.

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X-Men Legends Cover

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