10 Double Dragon Games, Ranked

I know I can’t have been the only one excited recently to see a new retro-styled Double Dragon game coming out, and so soon after its reveal. Not just because I would get a new beat ‘em up to fight through, but because the news offered me the perfect opportunity to replay all of the games. I’ve also been re-watching some of the cartoon, one of my favorites when I was a kid, and while I could go read the comics that Marvel produced for the franchise again, or (if I really get desperate for more Double Dragon) there is that movie we don’t speak of, but those are all just icing on the cake to the games. In this post-apocalyptic world Billy and Jimmy Lee battle against the Black Warrior gang in a series inspired by Mad Max and martial arts films. Certain installments can be a bit frustrating, but I always find myself coming back and trying again, pushing forward to save Marian and bring some justice where I can. Now, since the new release has a few people talking, I want to see if I can encourage some new players to try their hand at being the heroes.

So here is a fun list of most of the console and handheld system games and where I think they rank for the player who wants to experience the series before a new installment arrives. Most of these are ports from the original arcade games, which can be found on Steam as a collection.

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