Mortal Kombat and Liu Kang’s Dead Brother

I keep forgetting about Liu Kang’s dead brother.

It is literally the first scene of the movie after that awesome intro; a pretty brutal scene of his death and a threat about the fate of our hero before what some would call a bit of ugly CGI.

Referring to Liu Kang as the hero of Mortal Kombat has always felt a bit wrong, because he isn’t the most classically minded champion of good, but at a closer look, he does fit into Joseph Campbell’s script of how the proposed journey should go. I love this movie, but he’s by far not one of my favorite characters and I have to understand when people say they find him a bit boring. The reason he’s in the tournament is to avenge his brother, who, from everything we hear, was much better at this whole, “being the chosen one” thing than Liu, except for that dying part.

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