Friday the 13th Team Killing Change is Welcomed, But Larger Issues Still Persist

Daria just hit me with the car, killing me, even though she was supposed to be on my team. It was an honest mistake, as this was one of her first games—she’s learning quick though. This type of incident seems to fit the motif perfectly; the scared nerdy girl who isn’t great behind the wheel to begin with mashes the pedal out of fear and takes out her friend instead. We laughed about it afterwards, but the loss of XP for not escaping was a fresh wound at the time. Then it happened again. It wasn’t Daria this time, but someone else on our team, another girl who, when the incident initially happened, seemed apologetic and was laughing for a moment like we had been, but then I realized her tone had changed. Someone reminded her that I had been playing Vanessa Jones, the female black counselor, who I prefer playing as due to her enhanced stamina and speed. The generic athletic girl quickly came under fire for her race and the other player’s tone changed, saying that she couldn’t see me because of her skin color, and now she was glad they didn’t let me in the car and even hit me. Other than racism being alive and well in the community, there is also a large problem with team-killing.

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