Wilds’ Comics Conundrum: Assessing Comics at Dragon Con

This Dragon Con was a return to form in a way for me, as I wanted to catch more panels and especially focus on the comics side of things this convention. The recent years there had been fantastic, but held less time for sitting in on things I wanted to see and didn’t allow me time for any interviews. Scouring through the list of upcoming events for the Con I managed to find more than enough, but so much of it was all taking place around the same time that I quickly had to give up on a few things. I think I chose wisely though, because my experiences this year showed me a couple of things many readers have been asking about, all from some still fresh voices in the industry and several independent creators.

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About stephenwilds

Writing in the dirty South, this recovering internet addict wakes up every morning wrestling with nightmares of Silent Hill, Battletoads, and where to put that third comma.
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