30 Days of Games | Day 8


Day 8 | Nightmare Creatures

A lot of what works about the game is the atmosphere: dark rundown buildings, creepy monsters, and a good helping of fog all come together with some great sound design to set a tone that captured my attention. That opening cutscene works wonders, especially for the time, and just in the way the narrator says the title—Nightmare Creatures!. The whole story about Crowley and his desires to resurrect the dead with his black magic is all the motivation I need to fight the hordes of evil long into the night. I liked the two different characters and that both felt like they were meant for different styles of gameplay, but I almost always start with Ignatius and then go to Nadia when I’m feeling more confident. The combat and items are good, not perfect, but I like it so much because of the sheer satisfaction the game provides when I kill an enemy. They not only look cool, but are tough enough to almost worry me when a group is nearby or one bursts through a stack of boxes. The soundtrack is a solid motivator too, especially that boss theme. When I finally beat this game there was a great sense of accomplishment and I remember flipping off the boss. I wrote an article once about how much this series needed a new installment or reboot and I am so excited that one is coming, supposedly a prequel no less, from Albino Moose Games. I’ve owned both versions of this one, and though the PlayStation’s cutscenes are certainly a draw, I’ve put plenty of hours into both.


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