30 Days of Games | Day 25


Day 25 | Donkey Kong Country

Some of my greatest memories surrounding this game are from a VHS tape I received in the mail advertising the company’s next big thing, showing off technical achievements, and even a few hidden secrets. I’ve written an entire article about those promotional VHS tapes, but this one was my favorite, showing a lot of the real people who worked for Nintendo and their inner most sanctum, The Treehouse. There is something cool about how DKC works to continue the story of the character and legacy, with Cranky being the old original Kong. The game has this incredible oil painting look that I immediately fell in love with, and the music was simply fantastic in any of the stage settings. I got this game on Christmas day and beat it the very next morning, but I quickly ran back through it again multiple times. I loved the use of animal companions and having Diddy as a partner. The bosses are pretty fun, if not a little easy, but I remember excitingly talking to my friends about that death fake-out from the cruel King K Rool. For some reason the mine cart levels are the ones I always think of first when this game is brought up. I’ve heard so many good remixes to these tracks, especially the ones from this and the water levels, but I love this soundtrack and glad it has stuck with so many. There are plenty of good sequels in this series, some of which feel like more of the same—in a really good way—but there are a couple more of the recent ones I still need to try.


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