30 Days of Games | Day 27


Day 27 | Mega Man 3

I love the original series from the Blue Bomber. I started by borrowing MM2 from a friend and didn’t play the first one until high school, but Mega Man 3 was the first one I owned and played through multiple times. It wasn’t just me though, this was a game my brother bought for me and we both played it all the way through together, trying to reconnect. Those few days we spent doing that, up until Dr. Wily was finally brought down, were amazing and left an impression for sure. I would go back through the game many more times, attempting to take out each of the robot masters with buster only, but no repeat visits were ever as good as that first time, figuring out the weapons and boss order together. I just remember how rewarding that final fight battle felt against Gamma, a robot that took up so much of the screen—incredible for the time—and realizing that Top Man’s power could actually be useful. I have always seen MM3 as the bar for the other titles of the series, many of which come close, but none in the original run ever topping it to me, even if part of that is my personal connection to the time spent with the game. Introducing Proto Man as the hero’s long lost brother was interesting and not hokey, seeming appropriate since I was playing it with mine who I had not seen in so long. The entire series has fantastic music and this is no exception for sure. If for no other reason though, there is always Hard Man.


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2 Responses to 30 Days of Games | Day 27

  1. Austin Shoultz says:

    Very first game I ever beat. I loved this game and still have it.


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