30 Days of Games | Day 29


Day 29 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in Time

I’m a lifelong TMNT fan, but my first experience with a video game based off of the popular foursome was a turnoff for sure. After years of going back to it I can finally say I enjoy the first NES outing, even with its flaws, and TMNT2 was an instant classic in arcade form, while being perfectly acceptable as a port. I’ve actually reviewed almost every game based off this franchise, but Turtles in Time is by far my favorite based off of nostalgia. I first played it at a Putt Putt Golf place when my church group went, and I spent most of the day inside with the arcade machines since I couldn’t be out in the sun for too long. That was fine though, because I had discovered a new machine, something that seemed like such a huge upgrade from the last Turtles arcade game. Time travel isn’t a huge thing for the mutants, if we are using the comics as the ultimate source material, but this concept seemed incredible to me at the time. The colors were vibrant, the stages creative, and boss fights were tough but didn’t suck—even if Super Shredder did have a one-hit kill. It took me five dollars, but by the time my group was halfway through their eighteen holes, I had beaten the game and saved everyone, so I went through again. When I finally got the home version though I was shocked to see how close it was to my arcade experience, with a few simple changes. I’ve played this game so many times, even Re-Shelled, and it never gets old to me; such a feel good game with my favorite gang of heroes and simple but fun controls. The first time I ever threw someone at the screen was all it took to for me to put so many more hours in. I even enjoy Hyperstone Heist a lot, because it plays the same way.


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