30 Days of Games | Day 30


Day 30 | Super Mario Bros. 3

This is a hard one to write about because I can’t always find the right words to explain the things I like about this game, mostly because there is so little I dislike. I remember buying Super Mario Bros. 3 for $80 plus tax before church one Wednesday evening. Once the service was over I had to wait for my mom’s choir practice to end, so I sat in one of the classrooms reading every page of the manual and just admiring that amazing front cover. It was simple, bright and energetic with the yellow, but Mario having his leaf power-up and flying made it seem so exciting. Each of the different kingdoms is wonderful with their own environmental gimmicks and various enemies. I love the Koopalings as bosses, with each having a distinct enough look that they had a little bit of personality without ever saying a word, and I wish they had been in Odyssey. Experiencing everything for the first time was incredible. Nothing had been spoiled for me and it was all so different from the first two games, but still took place in the Mushroom Kingdom. The first time I hopped in a boot or stepped foot in giant world was eye-opening, but getting the Tanooki suit or hammer brothers outfit was purely exhilarating and I remember thinking those would never be topped. My first time beating the game was memorable as well, staying up past my bedtime and hoping mom wouldn’t make me shut it off as I went into the last few chambers. My blood was rushing as Bowser appeared, but this time there was no ax to kill him easily, and my fear almost caused me to miss what I was supposed to do, but I quickly realized what was needed to dethrone the evil king. The ending is simple but still rewarding, and now I complete it again without whistles regularly, as it is one of my favorite feel-good games. One of my favorite things though is that I remember playing this game while watching the The Adventures of Super Mario Bros. 3 cartoon and being engulfed by both in an amazing world, or a play about its events.


A big thanks to everyone who read each of these entries. This has been a great exercise for me and hopefully a little insight for the readers. I’m not sure I’ll do this type of thing again, but it showed me I still have a ton of games I want to write about and many more lists I’d like to do.


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Writing in the dirty South, this recovering internet addict wakes up every morning wrestling with nightmares of Silent Hill, Battletoads, and where to put that third comma.
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