The Death and Return of Superman: Better to Die on a Newer Console

I’m more of a Marvel guy, but even I read The Death of Superman back in high school, and seeing that there was a video game based off of it definitely caught my attention. Back then though I was only able to rent it and I feel like the game is still taunting me a bit, because I still don’t have it in my collection and rarely see it out in the wild. I’m not sure it is worth the fifty plus dollars it goes for now, but finding out that the game was published by Sunsoft and developed by Blizzard of all companies, made me give this one another look. I’m a huge fan of beat ‘em ups, and this one really caught my attention, but not for the reason you think.

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Writing in the dirty South, this recovering internet addict wakes up every morning wrestling with nightmares of Silent Hill, Battletoads, and where to put that third comma.
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