As Seen on CD: FMV Games That Deserve a Comeback

I recently tried my hand at Night Trap again. I figured any game that got a 25th anniversary re-release had to have something going for it other than the past controversy. I was dead wrong, and failed a lot at it, but that got me looking into some newer FMV games, such as Late Shift and the recent Super Seducer. As good as those might be though, they are missing that 80s and 90s flare: bad acting, poor quality, and overall cheesy goodness that I grew up with.

So, if Night Trap can come back, why can’t we get a compilation of some underrated and forgotten titles like that? I’m not saying these would be the best games, as many along the lines of the Don Bluth animated masterpieces would be worthy of their own re-master, and games like The 7th Guest and Phantasmagoria are already available in a somewhat shiny new edition on services like Steam. However, these should all be experienced for sure. I’m not asking anyone to suffer through Highlander: The Last of the MacLeods on the Jaguar or to pay actual money for Plumbers Don’t Wear Ties, but I can defend a lot of these forgotten gems, especially if they are Make My Video: Marky Mark and the Funky Bunch level good.

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