Luke Cage: Season 2 REVIEW – A Bulletproof Show?

A second shot at the king.

After such a big explosion of intergalactic action in Infinity War, there is something so surreal about going back to the streets and slowing down the pace, until the blood starts flowing at least. As much as I loved the first season of Luke Cage, it had some serious pacing issues and a few dead stops that sacked the momentum. It wasn’t just the death of Cottonmouth, but another weak villain that overshadowed Mariah’s potential, in Diamondback, leading to a void in the narrative and a sloppy back half of a season. So I was understandably worried, but this second attempt nailed that slow burn and made sure there would be a solid base with no sudden halts.

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1 Response to Luke Cage: Season 2 REVIEW – A Bulletproof Show?

  1. Dan O. says:

    Yeah, it’s pretty great. Nice review.


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