WWE 2K20 (PS4) REVIEW – A Disastrous Changing Of The Guard

Another yearly installment and a nice round number with WWE 2K20 this year, but not everything is as expected. Whereas WWE 2K19 was a game that took everything the developers had learned from the previous years and improved on the inner workings, this new edition feels like a monkey wrench in the gears.

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1 Response to WWE 2K20 (PS4) REVIEW – A Disastrous Changing Of The Guard

  1. thedeviot says:

    Haven’t picked up a WWE game since before THQ folded. That was WWE 13 on the Wii, and from the sound of things, they still haven’t exceeded a nearly seven-year-old game. I shudder to think how much worse a WWE 2k21 could become if 2K insists on doing to wrestling what they’ve done to basketball with gambling mechanics and microtransactions. All of that said, I liked this review, most everything I’ve seen on this game has been about just how broken everything is. It’s nice to hear there were some decent things in it like the improvements to the women’s division.


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