Assassin’s Creed: Colonial Catastrophe


The idea of remastering / updating an older game in a series and sticking it into the season pass of a new title seems to be catching on, and that is not necessarily a bad thing, especially when the option to buy the updated game separately is available. It allows fans to revisit some of their favorite older titles on a new console and makes a season pass seem much more appetizing when receiving a full game as a bonus, especially if it is a good one. When I realized that the new title in the Assassin’s Creed series, Odyssey, would be doing this as well, I had a momentary feeling of elation, only to be crushed when I discovered that they would be reviving my least favorite game in the franchise.

In March, fans will be able to revisit the Colonial War and Connor Kenway in the adventure that looked to set some new trends for the series while wrapping up Desmond’s adventure. I wish I didn’t despise it. I’ve gone into detail about why this is in several other articles, but I think the gameplay and story are equally to blame, making it where the overall experience feels lacking. I saw someone recently say that the opening was the best part of the game and that is absolutely true, as it was the only part I remember in any real detail. It and the beginning of ship combat are memorable, where everything else simply inspires a groan. I know not everyone feels that way about this title, but in my mind it almost made me give up on the series, until the redemption that Black Flag brought. At least we are also getting Assassin’s Creed III: Liberation, where Connor is only a cameo.

I’m not bitter—I swear.

I suppose what I was hoping for was a remastered Assassin’s Creed II, but when it didn’t happen, I began to fantasize a bit about what I actually wanted. What if we took the entirety of Ezio’s story and put it into one epic adventure? Revelations and Brotherhood were fun, but felt a little bit like long DLC episodes, but together with AC2, his story is a genuine full saga that kept me enraptured and invested. It’s still my favorite tale the Assassin’s Creed world had produced, and if they could somehow rebuild that to work in Syndicate’s engine? Origins wasn’t bad, not after I got better with the combat and at reading the map, but I certainly don’t like it as much as I did the previous one. So Ezio’s full story with Syndicate’s engine and perhaps some of the different weapons and updated side quests; yeah, I know that is a tall order, but it would be fantastic. I would have settled for a remaster of pretty much any of the other games though…

Maybe others would be sold on this idea if they threw in a photo mode. People seem to love those things as of late.

I guess if this one sells well independently though, or helps boost the season pass, Ubisoft could do the same for other older games in the series, and maybe that is worth paying for AC3 again. Some people really enjoyed the entry though, and I’m happy for them, I guess. I am looking forward to playing Odyssey on October 5th, and even after everything negative said above about the game, I honestly might give AC3 another playthrough. Maybe this time will be different though and change my perception of the game, because there is a part of me that wants it to. If not, I’ll still have Liberation.

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Retro Review: The Guy Game – “So this is how you spruce up a trivia game…”

I didn’t learn about The Guy Game until it was no longer sold in stores, and then it became less of a goal to play it and more of a funny story or joke. Something told me though I’d eventually get around to reviewing it—for science! I do enjoy trivia games, and this is a low budget title with the winning concept of: what if that thing you do on Wednesday nights at the bar, but with boobs? Just imagine if a lesser version of You Don’t Know Jack had a baby with Girls Gone Wild and then everyone abandoned that child at the first sign of trouble.

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The Wolf Among Us: A Less Than Metaphorical Beast

We all hold back a beast. It might be as simple as a few passive aggressive phrases, a short temper, or true rage, but it’s a concept easy to understand. It’s how we control that monster that matters, but some people have much more to deal with when it comes to controlling that beast.

It was initially the colors that drew me into 2014’s The Wolf Among Us, but by the end of the first episode, I was coming back for the characters. It’s a story where fairytales have escaped into the real world and must keep their true nature secret from the mundies (mundane mortals) in an effort to preserve just a little bit of their way of life. Someone still has to keep the peace, weed out the bad element and protect the community, and that falls on the head of Bigby Wolf, formerly known as The Big Bad Wolf, Sheriff of Fabletown. It’s a tough job for sure, but even more difficult for someone like Bigby, who not only has to worry about his environment, but also struggles with mental ailments such as Impulse Control Disorder (IED) and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), in addition to keeping his inner and literal beast at bay.

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Spider-Man and His Less Than Amazing Villains

Spider-Man has been swinging through comic pages since 1962, so it makes sense that he’s picked up a few enemies over the years, but not all of them can be winners. Whether it is being saddled with a horrible gimmick or suffering from a lackluster backstory, many fans like to claim that these one-dimensional failures all came from the 90s, but they are spread out through so many of Parker’s greatest adventures.

Readers are too quick to write some of these characters off though, laughing at what once was, and others are killed off before reaching their full potential. Perhaps they shouldn’t be forgotten completely though, lost to history. Some of these characters are primed and ready to return, able to freshen up the Web-Slinger’s rogue’s gallery.

I’ve compiled a list for a few less than memorable enemies that could be repackaged and still make some waves, either by using the tools they already possessed, or by adding in a few small tweaks. Whether it would be for one more glorious issue or a full arc, each of these baddies deserves another chance to take on Spidey and pull themselves out of obscurity.

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Monster Hunter: World (PC) REVIEW – These Violent Delights

somehow missed the Monster Hunter series in the past. Even though I knew about it from friends (after I realized it wasn’t a spin-off of Monster Rancher) and though my interest was piqued, the new ones I recall coming out were always releasing on handhelds or only in certain countries. I was worried about my first foray into these games with Monster Hunter: World, so I recruited an expert hunter and friend, LIQUIDSOLE, to show me around. He tried to prepare me for what I was getting into, but lost me quickly in his passion for the series.

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Retro Reflections: ReBoot (PS1)

small mix of antagonism towards a friend and my usual love of awful television had me watching ReBoot: The Guardian Code recently on Netflix, and it wasn’t nearly as bad as so many led me to believe. I had understood it to be a reboot of the ReBoot franchise, but it is in fact some awkward continuation aimed at a younger audience—and better than a lot of the later Power Rangers seasons. This had me wanting to re-watch the original show though and a different friend reminded me that there was in fact a licensed game on the PlayStation, a title that I remember playing at their house in high school.

I realized that this game didn’t leave much of an impression though, but that might not be a bad thing. Most people write-off licensed games early on as being extremely disappointing, but if I had no memories of the game, perhaps it was mediocre or even just simply acceptable, without being good enough to recall. Now I had to find out.

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Exploits: Family Matters

I had the honor of being featured in Unwinnable’s Exploits publication, where they allowed me to write a short piece on Family Matters, and there is a lot of other cool stuff inside as well.

Check out Exploits

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